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mar del plat (by the sea)

arrived here a few days ago for the convention . more later ...

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after 6 days in cordoba and 3 weeks in rosario its back to the big smoke AKA el grande mango. managed to get a taxi from retiro bus station back to my digs without getting screwed for money. my spanish is a bit better thanks to the lessons i was takin in rosario.
cordoba never happened for me . its a decent city but i got of to a bad start and i quit after 6 days . that was enough. the hotel room i got had about 50 stairs to climb so it was a shower on entry . payin to climb 50 steps isnt on. i moved to a hostel . never again . it was like livin in a disco . im gettin a bit long in the tooth to be listening to drunk kids . wandered around the city like a vagrant for a few days then bought a bus ticket to rosario which was on the way back to BA anyway. every cloud has a silver lining and i did manage to kill a couple of mosquitos in old cordoba so not all bad . i know its childish and petty but it felt good and i was mucho statisfied.
rosario on the other hand was very enjoyable . i went into a book shop because it had a few english language books in the window . bought "catcher in the rye" and got chattin to the lady who owend the place . nelly was her name and teachin the masses how to speak the queens english was her game :) we got on well and she arranged for me to have spanish lessons upstairs in the shop and i drove her nuts with spanish language questions. as for catcher in the rye - 10.5 out of 10 . excellent read.
rosario was more down to earth and industrial than cordoba, which is a bit middle class , academic and trendy. my bald patch and my hiking boots kindda set me apart so i f****d of to rosario where i was mucho contento . the "cuna de bandera" (cradle of the flag) monument was exellent and gave me a good insight to old argentinas heart. rosario is the right place for it too . good pics and good memories too . good pics can be more precious than diamonds.

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43 - 0

rain 14 °C

there was a mosquito in my room last night . i lost . the wee beastie won . hands down , no contest. dam.
of to cordoba in about 6 hrs . lookin forward to exploring the interior. mucho excited . takin a can of wee bestie killer with me . next time big johnie black label ( my alter ego, who only comes out at times of very) wins ... hands down ... no contest :)

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argentinas 2nd fav dinner

sunny 28 °C

half a cow and a quarter leaf of lettuce ... because its important that el hombre gets his vits too :)

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the church

St John the Baptist Anglican Cathedral, Buenos Aires

28 °C

went to a church fete yesterday. i would have thought that sort of thing would not have floated my boat but it turned out to be a lovely day . tea and cake (frightfully civilised old boy)and the people where warm decent and friendly. call me old fashioned but warm, decent and friendly works for me. bought some wee bits n bobs , won a bottle of beer (how ironic is that, the guvnor has a sense of humor) and told them "Asta la vista" because my splanish is comin along good. cafe con leche y medialuna por favor senor :) :) :)
im of to cordoba on wed night the 25th. its 500 miles NW of BA. the argentines 2nd city. lookin forward to it .
i lost my "to thine own self be true" medalion in the church. somthin lost somthin found ?
lawego ... j

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