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hard work

i have been working on my tan recently. its been tough but i seem to be making good progress now. i was pale blue to start, and now lookin more of a healthy gringo white .

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argentinas fav dinner

steak and chips. cant argue with that

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day 12

under par

spent the first week here walkin around the city centre drinking in the in a new country vibe. bad move. have probably breathed in a bit to much diesel and general polution and now feel ill . have a slight temp, sore head, aching stiff bones, drippy sinus and serious fatigue. feel like ive just run a marathon . real tired. have probably bit of a wee bit more than i can chew. the spirit is willin but the flesh is weak sort of thing.
will leave BA probably in about ten days from now and head north . clean air . ahh the god of small things . its worth pointing out that the air in BA is not manky (there is always a nice breeze) by any stretch of the imagination its just that i am very sensitive to air bourne pollutants because im asthmatic, got a manky sinus and alergies too . the walkin wounded . but walkin.

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river plate vs bocca juniors

el super classico match

well f*** me gently with el rubber brick . awsome :) river 3-1 bocca

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The Rumble in BA


River Plate Vs Bocca Juniors . Sunday 8-10-06 . ticket secured . nuff said me thinks :) :) :)

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